Top 5 Ways to Prep Your House to Hit the Market

  1. Remove clutter and personal items – You want buyers to imagine themselves living in the space. This is much easier without photos, knickknacks and extra furniture in the home. This will also help you distance yourself emotionally from the property. It’s tough to separate from the emotional value of a home, but it will make things easier when it comes time to make a deal.
  2. Make it shine – This may seem obvious, but is just not always done. Make sure the home is as clean as possible. Surfaces should shine and the floor should be spotless.
  3. Color consultants – Many paint companies offer free consulting with the paint purchase. Since the walls should have a fresh coat anyway, make the most of these offers. Your kid’s hot pink room isn’t for everyone.
  4. Landscaping – Make the yard the best it can be. Mow the lawn, re-edge the flower beds and plant some fresh flowers if yours aren’t as fresh as they could be.
  5. Smells – Maybe do the freshly baked cookies thing, maybe spring for some freshly scented candles. Either way, make sure your house smells like a home!