What’s Happening Now? The Miami Art Scene

Miami is home to a number of wonderful art museums. If it’s been a while since you’ve had your cultural fix, it’s time to check out these excellent exhibits.

The Perez Art Museum Miami is currently featuring the Brooklyn Museum’s Basquiat exhibit. The late artist’s notebooks are the center piece and offer a unique insight into his art and thought process.

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Photo Credit: pamm.org

The Bass Museum is consistently voted the best art museum in Miami. Go now to see Sylvie Fleury’s work. She shows viewers the irony behind today’s brand focused society in her own creative and beautiful creations.

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Photo Credit: TheBass.org

The Lowe Art Museum at the University of Miami is often overlooked but is home to very creative and unique works of art. Right now, for those of you more scientifically minded, is an exhibit based on the eye, “The Noblest Feature.”

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The Noblest Feature; Credit: www6.miami.edu