Village of Palmetto Bay Launches “ZERO” Safety Initiation

The Village of Palmetto Bay has joined forces with the Safer Compass Foundation in launching the ZERO safety program. ZERO, which stands for Zone Emergency Response Operation, is a navigational tool,  that was developed to reduce response time from police, fire rescue and other emergency-response agencies, by providing navigational assistance, in order to arrive to individuals in need of help. After field-testing with the Police Department of Miami-Dade schools, the response time has been reduced by up to 75%. Safer Compass Foundation raises funds to help make the program free.
To help promote safety and the program with children, the program has two activity books available for grades K-2 and for grades 3-5; both are written by Jennifer Childers. They are 21-23 pages and their purpose is to help build and comprehend a safety foundation for the program and to learn safety practices in general. Parents and guardians can assist children/students with the activity book and they are available in the English, Spanish and Creole languages.
Initially developed for schools as a better way for emergency agencies, school officials, parents, and students to communicate during emergency situations, the program is now at Coral Reef Park and in August it will be utilized at Coral Reef Elementary School.
Parents’ number one concern for their children is safety and ZERO has allowed the public to feel safer in the park and at other public places. Incorporated in 2002, Palmetto Bay is a family-oriented community with more than 25,000 residents that enjoy recreational activities on land and the water, shopping centers and retail, and all of the public schools are  “A” schools. They have five recreation parks, including Coral Reef Park, and two county facilities.
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