Miami Ranks Nationally as a Top Ten Market for Investors

The question most people have when it comes to real estate is whether it is a buyer’s or seller’s market. The answer may surprise you, at least in Miami; it is an investor’s market! A boon for investors is a market punctuated by appreciation and cash flow. BiggerPockets, the online destination for real estate investors, now ranks Miami as one such market.

Appreciation rates keep Miami on the top of investors’ lists

Fifty of the nation’s leading markets were analyzed to determine which had provided investors with outsized returns between 2014 and 2015 for residential real estate. Miami ranked in the top ten coming in at the number three in BiggerPocket’s list of “Top 10 Cities Offering the Most Opportunity for Real Estate Investors, 2015.”

As for property appreciation, the Magic City also ranked number three in the nation tallying a 10.4 percent appreciation rate. With the continuation of Art Basel and its booming startup hub activity, not to mention Miami Beach’s new status as a starchitects’ playground, prices are increasing, making the city a viable and profitable market.

Miami real estate remains in high demand

Miami offers an 8.1 percent rent-to-value ratio. Domestic investors, mainly from New York, and foreign investors from China to Brazil clearly see the value of investing in the city’s real estate. The market is growing, yet the average price per square foot is still lower than several major cities in the United States.

Beautiful sandy beaches, a healthy startup hub, a vibrant international business market, and a global art scene help keep Miami as a sought-after location. And that’s something that’s truly priceless for investors.

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