Pinecrest Red Light Camera Warning Period Expires June 10

Heads up! On Wednesday, June 10, the Village of Pinecrest’s red light camera warning notices will expire. You may have noticed that there are red light cameras installed on several northbound intersections on US1 in Pinecrest.

They are:

  1. 104th Street
  2. 112th Street
  3. 124th Street
  4. 128th Street

According to the notice posted on the Village of Pinecrest’s website, the automated safety photo-enforcement systems have been installed at four intersections along Pinecrest Parkway (US 1), each with a history of violations or crashes caused by red-light running. In February 2014, the Village conducted a study along five intersections on Pinecrest
Parkway. During a 12-hour period, there were an average of 25 violations with one intersection experiencing 50 violations.

“The warning period gives drivers in the Village time to adjust to the program. Our foremost goal is to increase safety by reducing violations and crashes, and we know the presence of the systems will serve as a deterrent for most drivers,” said Village Manager Yocelyn Galiano Gomez.

Although the photos are automated, the site goes on to explain that a Pinecrest police officer will review the photos and have sole discretion to determine whether a violation occurred.

A press release announcing the installation stated that once the program is officially active on June 10th, drivers who are found to run red lights will receive a ticket in the mail.

“They will be able to review images and video of their violations before paying or contesting the citation. The fine for running a red light at a photo-enforced intersection is $158. Points will not be added to the driver’s record. If a red-light running violation is issued directly by a law enforcement officer, the Miami-Dade County fine is $277 and four points are added to the driver’s record.”

For more information including an FAQ sheet and a Florida Red Light Camera Program Analysis, check out