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Miami’s Finest Communities

The Pulse of Miami Luxury Living

  • Microsoft Donates $500 million for Affordable Housing in Seattle Area January 31, 2019 by nicole - Seattle is the home to some major tech giants such as Amazon and Microsoft. The boom of tech industry in the area has led to a affordable housing crisis. Microsoft has taken action and pledged… read more →
  • DJ Khaled purchases $26 million Miami Beach home November 20, 2018 by nicole - The renowned recording artist, DJ Khaled, has recently bought a mansion in Miami Beach for $26 million. DJ Khaled is known for his outgoing personality that is displayed across all of his social media accounts.… read more →
  • Robo Room Service? September 17, 2018 by nicole - According to a recent article in the Miami Herald, Miami YotelPad will reportedly employ three robots as butlers for their new 30-story development in downtown Miami. Two of the robots will be dedicated to the residences… read more →

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